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Dearest Stand Guest,

Wow. Well, where to even start? Gratitude, of course. Always gratitude. Gratitude for you, especially. Gratitude for Solie, Javaughn, Cynthia, Abby, Ana, and Matthew – the staff that has been here to bring fantastic food and service to Fairfield.

As I sit in my empty café, hoping for a take-out order and listening to a story about laid-off restaurant workers on news radio, all I can think is, “How can I be of service right now?” How can I be of service to my staff, my family, and my community?

First of all, people need to eat. Even before this crisis, our primary mission at The Stand Vegan Café has been to serve delicious and comforting creations that just happen to be full of healthy nutrients and good for the planet. That is every bit as relevant today as it was last week. Our food is still exactly what our bodies need to do their job for us, while quietly minimizing the impact on the planet and on animals.

Who doesn’t love a warm, creamy dish of Macaroni and Cheese? And who doesn’t love it even more upon discovering it’s chock full of nutritious vegetables that even picky eaters can’t tell are there? The Skinny Buddha Bowl is obviously full of those veggies, yet it’s every bit as cozy and flavorful. And, as chocolate chips disappear from supermarket shelves and kids get tired of baking yet again, we have cookies and muffins and treats.

Of course, we still have our juices, the Signature Juice Cleanse, and our Loaded Ginger Shots.

More than ever, we need to come together. Right now, small businesses need us. And, down the line, it will be those same small businesses that pass it on to the next local business.

Support that is given to small businesses now allows more people to stay employed, businesses to keep their lights on, and yet more businesses to re-open as the crisis subsides.

We must support them now so that they will still be here when the sun rises again.

Just as much as we need to “flatten the curve” with our health, we also need to flatten the curve with our economy.

It’s up to us, so I am writing to you with a plea…

Take care of yourself. Stay away from crowds, get some fresh air each day, count your blessings, cherish those close to you. And, when you need a meal, consider the little places that adjusted their hours, scrambled to put together take-out and delivery, promised paychecks to employees, and will be the bedrock of the economy when we all start to recover.

Our ability to get through this depends on each of us. It’s not a top-down thing. It is friends and neighbors and families and small businesses doing what they can.

With all my love and hope,

Chef Jenna

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