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Chef Jenna is making dreams come true at The Stand.  Her vision of a world that is compassionate and healthful is behind every creation on – and behind - the menu.  The fare at The Stand is designed as a “gentle invitation to Veganism.”  In other words, the food is interesting for those who are already Vegan, as well as familiar for guests who are new to the concept.  Selections vary from the super-green Goddess Salad to the comforting Macaroni and Cheese to the decadent Lemon-Lavender Cupcake.


Ingredients are as local and organic as possible, and food waste is composted at a local farm.  The staff, which is really more like family, is knowledgeable and happy to answer questions.  Even packaging is used as little as possible and is the most sustainable available. 
Raised in the Midwest and moving to New York City at twenty to pursue Broadway as a classically trained soprano, Jenna eventually discovered her true passion as a mother.  Food is love, after all.  After lots of learning, she went Vegan and never looked back.  Finally, she attended The Natural Gourmet Institute and graduated in 2015, ready to bring that same love for her children to a wider audience.  And, the family is in on it, too.  Jenna’s husband, Chef Matthew has joined the team, and you’ll find the kids helping out from time to time.
The heart of The Stand, though, is its staff.  Cooking, washing dishes, collaborating, joking around, speaking with guests, always learning and listening, and everything that goes into serving our guests the most delicious food, prepared and delivered with care – well, it’s the staff that make it all happen.


Since opening in January 2019, we have grown from four staff members to twenty, including Liz Ryan (House Manager) and Stanley Christensen (Sous Chef).  
The Stand is leading the way in Fairfield County, proving that plants are not only the ethical choice – but the most delicious too!

About The Stand


“Everything was very good and fresh, but the seitan griller was my favorite. The taste was fantastic, the bbq pesto sauce is out of this world!”

“Our food was delicious! Will definitely go back again!”

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